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We overhauled the client onboarding process to make it personal, clear and scalable - in less time.

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Benefits for you and your customers

Reduce time-to-value: Lulo tracks time spent on each onboarding project and breaks it down by milestone and touch points relative to your target time. You can access the average time per playbook with just one click.

Streamline your operations: Client-facing teams can create playbooks for each use case and customer persona to streamline their operations and provide a consistent experience to their customers.

Impress your customers: 
When assigning a playbook to a client account, a client portal gets created with step by step instructions, resources and timelines - a great way to demonstrate professionalism and transparency.

Do you have time to hand hold every customer during the onboarding process?

If you're like most client-facing professional, your team is understaffed and overwhelmed. You do everything from onboarding to support calls for your customers... all by yourself!

Here is how Lulo helps you:

Provide custom-made playbook to your customer

Say goodbye to rigid onboarding templates and increase customer experience by assigning the playbook that is the most relevant to their use case.

Not every customer is the same
Not every account is the same or needs to do the same things. Assemble as many playbooks as you'd like for each scenarios.
Built for unpredicted changes
Nothing ever goes perfectly and that's ok. If more work is being created outside of your regular process, simply use our task management system to create new items in your customer's portal.

Monitor your accounts and proactively identify problems

Why put out fires when you can prevent them?

Total visibility on where your projects stand
See project progress, bottlenecks, delays across all accounts under one view.
Identify, diagnose, and fix problems
Dive into details of at-risk tasks or factors blocking project progress, delayed milestones, and more.

Deliver a positive onboarding experience to your customers

Offer your client a personalized hub to be transparent, aligned and have clarity on how to get the most out of your product.

Bring your brand to life
Your clients will see this whole application is an extension of your current services.
Get started instantly
One link access to your customers dedicated onboarding portal, so they don't get lost or lose attention.
Make access easy
Magic links save customers from having to login, giving them direct access to onboarding projects.

Reduce communication clutter for your team

Stop wasting time nagging customers to get things done, copying and pasting emails or wondering if you forgot anyone.

Automated reminders and update
Automated communications throughout the onboarding process keeps both parties in check and reduces time to value.
All your action items in one place
Cut through the noise and identify the items with the highest risk rapidly.

Ready to ignite a new customer experience?

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